Many people find themselves stuck in seasonal affective disorder with no way to get out.  You eventually become immobile, depressed, and you tend to get sick a lot easier.   First, you should be using a sad lamp.  Secondly, not doing anything about it will only allow you to continue in this downward spiral that you’ve drawn for yourself.  However, with a little bit of education and discipline, you can definitely take leaping steps towards defeating seasonal affective disorder.  Here’s where you need to start.

If You’re Not Exercising, You Need To Start

Why? Exercise is the best way to release the happy hormones (also known as serotonin) into your brain.  Personally, I am so tired of hearing commercial after commercial offering supplements for quick fixes in peoples moods and personalities.  These companies often draw about random and subtle facts about our bodies on how they work.  They’re really good at pointing out common deficiencies that can easily be fixed with good diet and exercise.  I don’t care what pills and supplements you take to try and make life easier for yourself, there is nothing that will replace a good routine of exercise.

You’re Indoors Too Much

If you’re battling depression, it’s common for you to want to stay inside and not talk to anyone.  This causes you to stay inside and be exposed to nothing about gray and dark areas.  That’s one of the worst things you can do.  Having enough exposure to sunlight is extremely healthy for you.  Your body is programmed to release hormones that keep you energetic and awake when it senses sunlight.   When you wake up every morning, you should step outside for 5 minutes and soak in the sun.  Over exposure to dark areas will cause your body to release melatonin, a hormone designed to make you sleepy because it detects that it’s dark around you.  As a result, you’ll feel like you have no energy, an increased likelihood of mood swings, and potential insomnia.  All you have to do is get some good sunlight every single day.  If it’s always dark outside because of winter, take a look at some of the best sad lights to get your fix.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

We are creatures of habit.  I understand that routine allows us to feel safer and keeps us in our comfort zone.  However, too much routine can actually reverse your efforts for a better life.  Make a conscience effort to try something new every week.  Make a list of small things you would like to accomplish.  If you need some ideas, do some google searching for an hour, you’ll find plenty of things to switch it up with.

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