SAD Light A lot of medical conditions are treated using SAD lights.  Traditionally, these lights are used to treat various skin, sleep, and psychological disorders.  Recently, however, their use is focused more on dealing with issues regarding energy and mood levels.  The treatment involves the therapeutic exposure to light.  A lot of retailers package light boxes that are intended to cure “winter depression” or seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

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There are different kinds of SAD light therapy products available in the market.  The most common is the light box that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes – from smaller desk lamp equivalents to the bigger floor standing models.  New products that are coming out are more compact and comparatively more affordable than the previous models.

Light visors can be purchased and used to lift energy levels.  These visors are much smaller than the typical devices commonly used for light therapy.  For treatment, light visors are worn like a small hat.  Short bright light bursts are produced that are useful in treating SAD.  This is also known to help neutralize the effects of jet lag.

Also available are alarm clocks that simulate sunrise.  These are designed specifically to help individuals to get up in the morning with more energy and in a more natural way. The bulbs are manufactured in such a way that they will light up in a similar fashion to the sun’s gradual rising that will induce the body to wake up slowly and more alert.

Choosing the Right SAD Lights for You

If you have a seasonal affective disorder, your physician may recommend the use of a specific therapeutic product for you.  There are also times when you can go ahead and simply buy a light box on your own to remedy the particular symptoms you manifest. When buying SAD therapeutic lights, there are a few things that you may need to consider.  Following are some of them:

  • Price – Lights for SAD treatment ranges in price from less than $100 to a few hundred dollars for the more expensive models.  Basically, the price will depend on the features and the level of brightness the light provides.  Normally, a good product with sufficient quality features costs around $100.
  • Size – Some products for light therapy may be excessively bulky and large.  Although they may provide the needed brightness and effect, they may be obtrusive and impractical for daily use at home.  With a little effort, you can find more portable and compact desktop-equivalent products ideal people who do not have a lot of available space.
  • Treatment Time – Manufacturers usually indicate the recommended use of their SAD lights including the length of exposure ideal for treatment.   Although some lights are effective for use 20 minutes a day, some may require exposure for several hours to achieve optimum results.  If time is a major factor for you, the recommended treatment time may be something you should consider.  Choose SAD lights to use that will fit your budget and schedule; and more importantly, will be able to address your specific treatment needs.