Litebook Elite Hand-Held Light Therapy DeviceWhen it comes to the new generation of white light technology, the Litebook Elite Light Therapy Device plays a huge role.  Many light therapy products are lamps or boxes, which can make it hard to transport and bring with you on trips and such.  This particular model is a handheld device that doesn’t skimp on quality.  The manufacturers for this light decided to add the white LED to give the product a unique form of bright but rejuvenating light.

Where To Buy It?

We found it at (check current discounted price with free shipping) for around 15% off and you can get it shipped for free.

Features of the Litebook Elite Light Therapy Device

  • The Litebook Elite is very safe and convenient to use. For people who works on unusual shifts or having trouble sleeping, this product can definitely help to restore your normal sleep pattern.
  • A great feature about this product is that it does not emit harmful ultraviolet radiation. It will only give you warm light that will help build your immune system.
  • The manufacturers  decided to add a new element to this product which is the multi-setting timer. This particular features works in 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes so you can worry about other things that you are doing. All you have to do is to set the timer and the lamp will switch off immediately after the lapse of the time which was set.
  • The Litebook Elite has a built-in ion battery which can be recharged.  The battery has a good reputation for lasting a while. The charge indicator will tell you if your lamp needs to be charged.
  • This gadget is hand held so it would be easy for you to carry the Litebook Elite from one place to another. In addition to this, the sleek design blends well with the color of the product.
Litebook Elite Hand-Held Light Therapy DeviceLitebook Elite Hand-Held Box

Check current discounted price with free shipping at

Customer Reviews of the Litebook Elite Light Therapy Device

Most reviewers who suffer from SAD or seasonal affective disorder really appreciate the effect of this product on their body as well as on their hours of sleep. A lot of positive reviews have been written about the Litebook Elite. One reviewer even said that it is as if he was able to have a new life because he can now sleep at 10 PM unlike before when he usually fell asleep at 6 AM.   He appreciates that he can fall asleep much earlier.

Another customer said that he often experience exhaustion and muscle aches at work. Even if he did have enough sleep, it felt like he didn’t at all. When he purchased the Litebook Elite Light Therapy Device, his life had a complete turnaround and he is now relaxed and his body aches disappeared in the morning.

However, there is also a reviewer who disappointed with the product because the battery quickly died for him.  Perhaps he had a faulty battery that wasn’t able to hold a charge so his only remedy is to use the product’s battery supply.

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