Seasonal affective disorder lights are primarily used for the treatment of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  SAD is a type of mental disorder that causes depression in some people during winter who may otherwise exhibit happy or perfect moods for other times of the year.  However, there are rare cases when the depression that is commonly known as “winter depression” or “winter blues” occurs even during summer months.

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The effect of shorter daylight hours on the body clock is considered as the primary cause of SAD.  Important bodily functions such as patterns of sleep and appetite can sometimes be disrupted by sudden mood changes which in turn can be regulated by the amount of light we receive.  Adverse physical effects can also result from disruptions to the rhythm of normal daily cycles.  The effects, however, may vary between persons.  Some may suffer for only a few days while some may manifest seasonal affective disorder symptoms over a longer period of several months.

Common symptoms of SAD include sleeping problems where people have trouble getting enough sleep at night although they feel exhausted during daytime.  The normal sleep pattern disruption triggers the development of other symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, lethargy, loss of sexual appetite, detachment from friends and family, cravings for starchy and sweet foods, and depression. In some cases, SAD can also result to different weight problems.

Various types of medications have been traditionally used for treatment of SAD symptoms.  Recent medical researches, however, point to the use of seasonal affective disorder lights as a more viable option for SAD treatment especially when used to start a day.  This will help set the right mood that will help get an SAD sufferer through, and function normally and effectively for the rest of the day.

The use of seasonal affective disorder lights is more prevalent during the winter months.  This is because the amount of sunlight is usually less in colder months.  With sufficient sunlight exposure, the body gets increased levels of Serotonin which helps people fall asleep at bedtime.  Various types of therapeutic devices are available to simulate natural sunlight – from desk-type lamps to wall lights.  These special devices produce bright lights (measured in terms of lux) that are much more intense than ordinary light bulbs.

The idea is to stimulate the brain and induce it to produce higher levels of Serotonin through exposure to high intensity light that is intended to simulate natural sunlight.  This will help improve sleep patterns as well as to raise the overall level of an individual’s mood.  However, light therapy may not be recommended for everyone with SAD. People with specific eye conditions, those with epilepsy, and those under certain medications must not use therapeutic lamps.  To be sure, consulting with a doctor prior to using the device for SAD treatment purposes is advisable.

Depending on the need, different light therapy products offer varying levels of light intensity.  Artificial light should have about 2500 lux in order to be effective.  The bright light produced by seasonal affective disorder lights is usually about 10 times more potent than what the ordinary light bulb can produce.

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