Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine SimulatorSunlight is very important to maintain an individual’s health, mood, and the body’s immune system.  The Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator can help with artificial sunlight when hardly any real sunlight is around, like winter.  Research has found that it can be difficult to avoid the winter blues, or Seasonal Affective disorder, for people who tend to feel symptoms every year. As the seasons change from summer to winter, its tough for your body to adapt to a smaller amount of sunlight exposure.

Where To Find A Good Deal?

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Features of the Verilux HappyLite

  • The Happylite is easy to transport and you can easily move it from one room to another. The item’s measurement is 19.5 x 13 x 4 inches and the weight is 6.8 pounds.  Space and should hardly ever be an issues as you can easily place this on most desks and furniture without a problem.
  • The light that comes from the Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator works to emulate rays of the sun as it shines through the room.  The Verilux HappyLite provides a 10,000 lux balanced light to give you all the sunlight you need.
  • This product is not only useful for battling SAD or seasonal affective disorder. It can also be used to help recover from things like jet lag and work fatigue for those who work unusual shifts.
  • Most reviewers say that the brightness of the light is just perfect and it is actually soothing to the eyes.
Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine SimulatorVerilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator

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Customer Reviews of the Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator 

This product received a lot of positive reviews from customers.  Some say the best thing they appreciate about the Verilux is that it can really simulate the natural light from the sun. After only a few days of using the happy light, you can definitely notice some improvements in your mood.  A lot of reviewers mentioned that it was nice to get rid of a gloomy feeling that they make wake up to again.

Another reviewer said that he was skeptical at first but since he already had the item, he tried it for a period of seven days and the result was really fantastic. He said that it was nice to be able to just sit at his desk while enjoying the healthy glare.  If there are period at night that you need to stay awake, the Verilux HappyLite can work to keep you feeling energized. It will help you concentrate on your work and and prevent you from dozing off.

Despite the positive effects of the product, not all reviewers are satisfied with the Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator.  One unsatisfied reviewer said that the light is not what he expected and that in his opinion, the light is too artificial. He also thinks that the glare should be brighter so that the user will enjoy the Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator more.

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